The World’s Most Bizarre Sushi

Sushi is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most popular cuisines with places like Brazil, the UK, US and Europe all experiencing an unprecedented demand in Japan’s favourite food. This burgeoning awareness of all things sushi has resulted in many itamaes concocting particularly odd dishes. So let’s take a look at some of the most weird and wonderful examples. As you’ll see, some of them are pretty outlandish!

GloFish Sushi

Sushi is well-known for its aesthetic qualities. In fact, sometimes it can be rather difficult to begin a meal for fear of spoiling such a work-of-art! Well, GloFish Sushi takes this to a whole new level. Made from genetically modified, fluorescent Zebra fish, these little parcels have the capacity to glow in the dark.

Horse Sushi

Equine enthusiasts look away now – the second entry on our list uses horse meat! Known as the Basashi, this kind of sushi features a sashimi which is then wrapped in the sakuraniku . For those who’d like to know, its flavour is very similar to beef!

Edible Insect Sushi

If you’re at great pains to ensure you have enough protein in your diet, then Insect Sushi might be the way to go. Lovingly prepared by topping rice parcels with various arthropods, Edible Insect Sushi will keep your protein levels up, provided you can keep it down.

Sushi Art

There’s no disputing the skill required in the preparation of proper sushi. However, some chefs go that extra mile to ensure that their creations are pleasing to the eye. With the use of rice and seaweed some of the best creations have depicted characters such as Pokemon and Mickey Mouse. Oh, and there’s also a Darth Vader Sushi for sci-fi enthusiasts.

Fruit Sushi

People with a sweet-tooth take note! A number of American Sushi restaurants have started to sell fruit-based sushi rolls. These dishes feature different kinds of fruit such as banana, mango, pineapple and even Kiwi fruit, which are wrapped in rice and nori. Tempura Banana sushi is proving increasingly popular in the US at the moment and serves as a rather tasty dessert.

Uni Topping

Traditional sushi dishes can offer up a few surprises with regards to the ingredients used. This is certainly true of uni which is actually the edible gonads of the Sea Urchin. Although this may raise a few eye-brows, a Uni topping is actually delicious!

Grilled Eel

Not everybody associates eel with sushi. However, both fresh and salt-water species are used in Unadon dishes. It’s both flavorous and healthy, containing calcium, Vitamin A and of course protein.

Roe Gunkanmaki

This is a special kind or nigirizushi that is oval in shape and hand-formed with sushi rice and wrapped in a strip of nori. The nori is crafted to form a kind of vessel which can then be filled with roe or uni. The reason we mention this ingredient is that the versions on our menu feature roe. It seems that many people are squeamish about the thought of eating roe. But as most find out, the roe in sushi is extremely tasty and proves an excellent filling for a variety of dishes. Why not see for yourself?


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