The 5 Best Sushi Making Kits

Best for…getting started – Japanese Kitchen starter kit

Sushi rice, nori, a bamboo mat and some sushi vinegar are really all you need to get started on your home made sushi rolling adventure. This very comprehensive starter kit from Japanese Kitchen gives you enough to try your hand, without overwhelming you! The kit is topped off with soy, pickled ginger, wasabi, sesame seeds and chopsticks to add a few finishing touches.

Best for…sushi cheats – Sushi Magic Sushi Maker

If you find rolling flawless maki and moulding perfect nigiri tricky, this kit could be the solution to your misshapen sushi woes! you won’t find any of this malarky going on (our sushi chefs are proud of their artful, traditional handrolling technique and every single mouthful in our London sushi deliveries has been made by hand!).

But perfect sushi isn’t easy! Our itamae have spent years honing their craft. If you don’t have the time, but love home-made sushi, the Sushi Magic Sushi Making Kit will help you roll and press beautiful sushi, without the wobbly edges and collapsing piles of rice!

Best for…the basics – Joyce Chen sushi kit

Sometimes, however, it’s more fun and more authentic to keep things simple. If you already have your ingredients ready, a simple bamboo mat, a bamboo paddle and some great instructions may be all you need to start creating real home made sushi for your friends and family. We rather like this elegant and very simple Joyce Chen set.

Best for…aspiring itamae – Chef Sushi Kit

Getting the hang of this hand rolled sushi business and think you’re ready for the next step? This set from Your Sushi will help you to take your skills even further. Featuring a specialist sushi knife, a DVD and a recipe book alongside more advanced sushi ingredients such as panko and mirin, this kit is perfect for passionate home-made sushi chefs!

Best for…fun lovers – Popin Cookin DIY Sushi Kit

So if you were hoping for a sushi making kit which would allow you to create delicacies like our very own London sushi home deliveries, look away now. The Popin Cookin kit will not tantalise your taste buds with delicate seafood treats.

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