There are different types of sushi roller kits with emphasis laid on the traditional(These kits will include a Sushi Mat (or Makisu) which is used by Japanese people to make sushi rolls or Maki rolls instead of using a new type of device designed to make the same roll.) and non traditional sushi roller kits. The sushi roller kit you will want to buy and really on will depend on how much money you have in hand or can afford,how easy going or facilitating you want your sushi kit to be, would you like a kit with you being the one to do your rolling or not etc. Though many other factors some of which I might have forgotten to make mention of, I think by the end of this you should have made up your mind on what type of sushi rolling kit you want the cost and where to get it.

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Let’s say the sushi your planning of making is for private consumption or to have sm good experience in sushi making or for a special person or persons who really appreciate your efforts for trying to prepare something special and don’t mind of how not well it’s done then I’ll recommend you use the traditional sushi roller kit not also forgetting about the little budget you might have. Well most people will consider the aspect of pride “i did it all by myself”. Imagine after much failure you actually produce a perfect sushi roll some might even get the temptation of taking photos to comemorate the day they used a traditional sushi roller to melee a perfect sushi roll like a Japanese native. Such a feeling would be incredibly great don’t you think? Also be warned as some people are generally not good at some things and using a sushi mat may unfortunately be one of such things so do not feel bad about being a sushi mat handicap. If it’s any consolation you are not the only one and you can always turn to the non traditional sushi kit. Examples of traditional sushi kits found at affordable prices at amazone are: easy sushi making kit and the sushi chef sushi making kit for mor information visit

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On the other hand if you find out that you are handicapped at using the sushi mat then you should pay attention now. If you are looking for a romantic first time date where your not sure of how judgemental your date is then I’ll suggest you go in for the non traditional sushi roller kit because it will facilitate the rolling of your sushi making it look as though it were done by a native Japanese. It Will give amateurs a good a faster time at preparing a good and tasty sushi dish though the experience might not be as satisfying. The non traditional sushi roller kit are generally more expensive and promote lazyness as the native Japanese people would put it. Some of the non traditional sushi roller kits available on Amazon include:sushi magic sushi making kit, sushiquik sushi making kit,sushezi etc. For more information about the non traditional sushi roller kit contact

At this point I’m guessing that you have probably already made a decision as to whether you want to try to make your sushi the traditional way, or would rather use helpful tools and devices that are suppose to make your sushi making a little easierthat is the non traditional sushi roller kit thanks for reading and if you have any doubts just visit our web page at